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79 (Vol. 2009)

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Author Title Pages
Contents i-vi
D. M. Metcalf Betwixt Sceattas and Offa's Pence. Mint-attributions and the chronology of a recession 1-33
Mateusz Bogucki Two Northumbrian stycas of Eanred and Aethelred II from Early Medieval Truso in Poland 34-42
Mark Blackburn Presidential Address 2008. Currency under the Vikings. Part 5: The Scandinavian Achievment and Legacy 43-71
Martin Allen Henry I Type 14 72-171
N. M. McQ. Holmes The Catherinefield, Dumfries, Hoard 2007-8 172-185
Adam Daubney The Circulation and prohibition of Venetian Soldini in late medieval England 186-198
R. H. Thompson The Golden Fleece in Britain 199-212
John Whitmore Auctioneer's tokens 213-228
Short Articles and Notes 229-253
Coin Register 2009 254-287
Reviews 288-299
President's Review of the Year 2008 300-303
Proceedings 304-311
Trustee's Report 312-317
Back Matter 318-319
Index 320-322
Adverts 323-336
Plates 337-372