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82 (Vol. 2012)

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David Woods A Roman Republican prototype for the Animal-under-a-tree types of Epaticcus 1-7
Richard Reece Howard Linecar Lecture 2011. Roman Britain and its economy from coin finds 8-28
R. J. Laight and D. M. Metcalf Fifty Sceattas from South Warwickshire 29-45
Hannah Whittock The Annexation of Bath by Wessex: The evidence of two rare coins of Edward the Elder 46-53
Martin Allen The Mints and Moneyers of England and Wales, 1066-1158 54-120
Alex Wong Uttering angels and minting metaphors: some numismatic tropes in Early Modern British poetry 121-132
Keith Sugden and Ian Jones The Prestbury Civil War hoard 133-145
Adam Daubney Maurice Johnson: An Eighteenth-Century Numismatist 146-163
D. W. Dykes Robert Biddulph and his bull 164-174
Eric C. Hodge A poor host leaves a bad impression 175-191
Thomas Hockenhull The British Museum and the Blitz: The Department of Coins and Medals in wartime 192-202
R. J. Eaglen Presidential Address 2011. What is the point of Numismatics? 203-209
Short Articles and Notes 210-230
Coin hoards form the British Isles 2012 231-245
Coin Register 2012 246-277
Reviews 278-295
Obituary 296-297
President's Review of the Year 2011 298-300
Proceedings 301-304
Trustee's Report 305-310
Back Matter 311-320
Index 321-322