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Front Matter (Vol. 2013)

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Front Matter -
David Woods Some unidentified Roman prototypes of British Celtic coins 1-14
Katharina Ulmschneider and Michael Metcalf Sceattas and early broad pennies found in the Isle of Wight 15-43
Rory Naismith London and its mint c.880–1066: a preliminary survey 44-74
Norman Biggs Weight, coinage, and the nation, 973–1200 75-100
John Mattison and Peter Cherry The Carlisle mint coinages of Henry I, Stephen, David I and Earl Henry 101-111
Giles E. M. Gaspar and Svein H. Gullbekk An intimate encounter with English coinage in the High Middle Ages: the case of Wulfric of Haselbury 112-119
D. W. Dykes King John’s Irish Rex coinage revisited. Part I: the dating of the coinage 120-133
Richard Cassidy The royal exchanges and mints in the period of Baronial Reform 134-148
Pamela Nightingale A crisis of credit in the fifteenth century, or of historical interpretation? 149-163
James Bolton Reply to Pamela Nightingale’s ‘A crisis of credit’ 164-165
Edward Besly and C. Stephen Briggs Coin hoards of Charles I and the Commonwealth of England, 1625–60, from England and Wales 166-206
Martin Allen and C. Stephen Briggs The Bene’t Street, Cambridge, hoard of gold and silver coins of Elizabeth I, James I and Charles I 207-213
Roger Bland Presidential Address 2012. Hoarding in Britain: an overview 214-238
Short Articles and Notes 239-262
Coin Hoards 263-278
Coin Register 279-312
Reviews 313-322
Obituaries 323-326
President's Review 327-329
Proceedings 330-334
Trustee's Report 335-340
Back Matter 341-342
Index 343-346
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