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84 (Vol. 2014)

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Front Matter -
David Woods Ravens, eagles, and a war of images between Verica and Epaticcus, 1-8
Roger Bland Hoarding in Iron Age and Roman Britain: the puzzle of the late Roman period 9-38
Gareth Willims Why are there no coins in the Staffordshire hoard? 39-51
D. M. Metcalf The archbisop’s hat. A suggested attribution for the sceattas of Series F 52-71
I. David Brown The number of moneyers and the frequency of recoinages during the Norman period: a mathematical model 72-89
D. W. Dykes King John’s Irish Rex coinage revisited. Part II: The symbolism of the coinage 90-100
D. W. Dykes The Anglo-Irish coinage of Henry VI 101-108
N. M. McQ. Holmes and H. Van Caelenberghe Some Scottish ‘black money’ and its imitations found in Netherlands and Belgium 109-124
Peter Spufford Scottish black money in the Low Countries, c.1484–1506 125-139
B. J. Cook This is the very coinage of your brain: Shakespeare and money revisited 140-164
David Holt, John Hulett and Bob Lyall The Tower Mint shillings of Charles I (1625–49) 165-176
Julian Hoppit Economical reform and the Mint, 1780–1816 177-190
Eric C. Hodge Further merchant countermark records of the Thistle Bank: a reassessment of the issues 191-209
Chris Salmon and George Baldwin Balancing security and aesthetics: the evolution of modern banknote design 210-224
Short Articles and Notes 225-247
Coin Hoards 248-256
Coin Register 257-271
Reviews 272-283
President's Review 284-287
Proceedings 288-290
Back Matter 291-292
Index 293-312
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