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Honorary Members

Under the By-Laws, 'any persons of distinguished reputation or learning' may be elected as Honorary Members. In view of the wider range of awards and other forms of recognition now available to the Society, the Council in May 2008 decided that Honorary Membership should be conferred as a special honour, and that proposed nominees should be considered under three heads:

1. Distinguished foreign numismatists who have made a contribution to British numismatics;

2. Distinguished British or foreign scholars whose primary interests lay in other fields who have made a contribution to British numismatics; and

3. Life-time awards to be made exceptionally to individuals whose all-round contribution and service to British Numismatics has gone well beyond that deemed appropriate for the award of the Sanford Saltus or Jeffrey North Medals.

The Society's current Honorary Members, with their year of election, are:

Miss Marion Archibald (2008)

Professor Peter Berghaus (1986)

Professor Martin Biddle (2008)

Dr David Dykes (2004)

Professor Kenneth Jonsson(2008)

Professor Simon Keynes (2008)

Dr Stewart Lyon (1994)

Harrington Manville (2009)

Lord Stewartby (2001)

Drs Gay Van der Meer (1986)

Dr Tuukka Talvio (2008)

Peter Woodhead (1999)