British Numismatic Society : The Society
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The British Numismatic Society

Promoting the study of coins, medals, tokens and banknotes

The Society


Officers & Council

As of 1st January 2017


Dr. Kevin Clancy
( )


Graham Dyer
Dr David Dykes
Dr Robin Eaglen
Dr Stewart Lyon
Hugh Pagan
Lord Stewartby, FBA


Dr Rory Naismith
( )


Philip Mernick
( )


Peter Preston-Morley
( )


Bradley Shepherd
( )


Dr Martin Allen

Education Officer:

Dr Sam Moorhead

Publicity Officer:

David Guest

Website Officer:

Dr Andrew Woods


Council Members:

Murray Andrews
Roger Barrett
Dr Andrew Burnett
Tim Everson
Anthony Gilbert
Caroline Holmes
Anja Rohde
Dr Elina Screen
Philip Skingley
Rachel Wilkinson

Corresponding Member of Council for the United States of America:

Dr Allan Davisson

Corresponding Member of Council for Australasia:

Dr Colin Pitchfork

Council members are elected annually at the Anniversary Meeting in November. The Officers and members of Council constitute the Trustees of the Society. The registered address of the charity is that of the Society’s Treasurer.